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Liquid Foliar Fertilizers

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Leaf Expanding


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Problem Acid Soils

Fruit Setting 


 Powder Foliar Fertilizers 

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Balanced for Flowering


Rescue Yellow Leaves


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 Soil Special Fertilizers 

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   Problem Soil Conditioning


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Flower Induction


Mineral Organic Fertilizers


Where Biomass from?


Location of  SACOFA

Why mineral organic fertilizers? 

Plants are photo-autotrophs. Plants need light as energy for photosynthesis. Other materials for photosynthesis are: Minerals, CO2 and water. Nutrients to plants are minerals. Plants can not use organic fertilizers directly. Organic matters have to be decomposed to simpler organic substances and then to minerals. This process is called Mineralization. Process of mineralization that allow organic substrates under controlled successive microbial decomposition become stabilized organic matter in the presence of oxygen is Composting.

  The combination of Minerals and Organic is beneficial because of::

Organic prevent leaching and evaporation that cause the loss of minerals.

Bio-organic Compost act as Chelating Agents, bonding with minerals and making minerals available to plants.

Bio-organic Compost act as Plant Growth Stimulants.

For the above mentioned reason minerals in combination with bio-organic is double efficient as mineral fertilizers applied lonely.

Fully Return All What Harvested Back to the Soil !


Characteristics of Nong Sinh Products

  As a meal for plants

   Somehow, the uptake of nutrients by plants is comparable to the way we eat. Cooking makes best taste. Nong Sinh prepare formulas like a cooking. For plants, "well cooking" means well balanced formulas. Composition of a formula should meet the need of plants. A deficiency of any single nutrient is enough to limit yield.


  To meet the need of development

With wide range of grades that enable the farmer to select the right balance for his crops. Nong Sinh products are designed suitably to a stage of development of plants. e.g. RDA-G for best growth. RDA-F for Flower Initiation. 

Foliar grades of fertilizers are suitable for instant effects. Foliar fertilizer application ensures no nutrient deficiency at the end of vegetation period and nitrate content is minimized at harvest.  


  Good side effects

   Besides the main effect that is to supply mineral nutrients to plants, Nong Sinh formulas always make good side impact to plants like: pH improvement, enhancement of natural tolerance to disease and problem acid soils. 


  Mineral Fertilizers

Nongsinh products are classified as mineral fertilizers. However, there is impossible to reach highest yield by applying mineral fertilizers solely. On the other hand, It's also impossible to use organic manure or compost as the only source of nutrients by large scale application because of availability problem and cost of distance transport. 

Best is to combine both. Mineral fertilizers could return to soil the main nutrients taken up by harvest. In the same time, the process of decomposition of organic residue produces a chain of  biochemical by-product compounds  that have  strong natural effect to plants similar to that of growth stimulators.


  Limit Factors

Sun Light

   Light is especially  important for tropical climate during the rain season.  Heavy dose of good fertilizers not only can not cover the lack of sunlight but also makes plants more seriously susceptible to diseases and insects.

Water Shortage

   Similarly water is especially important for tropical climate during the dry season. Heavy dose of good fertilizers even makes the lack of water more serious. Appropriate irrigation convert dry season to be  the best harvest of the year.


   Root system needs oxygen. Flooding water blocks normal respiration of roots. Fast growing plants and trees are more sensitive to flood. Not to apply, especially nitrogen fertilizers, to the plants or trees when there are warnings of flooding likely to be shortly after application.

Others Limit Factors

   There are many other limit factors: warmth, lack of CO2, heavy salinity, or any kind of stresses to plants ... that need specific correction depending on the case. Simple generalization, not to use fertilizers instead of exclusion of the reasoning behind. 


  Preparation of Working Solutions

Foliar fertilizers need to be dissolved thoroughly for best spray. There is recommended to dilute every product separately. There is possible to mix solutions of two or more formulas for single spray. Prior to such a combined spray, there is a need to mix a test volume to see whether concentration is not too much high for precipitation. 

During dry season and in the midst of strong sunlight days there is recommended to use half strength solutions or change the time of application.  Spray early in the morning and late in the afternoon. 

Best is to use drip irrigation for fertigation.

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